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Angel's Touch Care Center

119 E. Salmon Avenue

Spokane, WA 99218


   ​​​Little River Care Center  & Angels Touch Care Center

​                              Adult Family Homes

Need care for your loved one?

Little River Care Center, est. 2008,andAngels Touch Care Center est. 2015

provide a host of specialized care services in our serene and welcoming settings. The passion of our trained and gentle staff, wonderful facilities and fun activities are here to enrich lives and provide a home away from home for your loved ones. We love to care and nurture your loved ones. We provide home cooked meals, have salon services and specialized individual care.

                        If you need Assisted Living help for your loved one

​                            Call us today ​509-991-7564

​​Full of Compassion for Senior Care

Little River Care Centerest.2008

​Angels Touch Care Centerest.2015

Little River Care Center

13917 N. Dartford Drive

​Spokane, WA 99208


A Place to be Loved